About Us

Who We Are is a company dedicated to two primary goals. Assisting authors in promoting their books, helping readers stay connected to their favorite authors.
Basic Information



Company Overview
WritersUpdate is emerging as the #1 resource for author promotions and readers looking to stay in-touch with their favorite authors.

What We Do
We help authors market and promote their books.
We keep readers informed about their favorite authors and help them stay in-touch

What We Are Not
We are not a profit driven company. Our priority goal is to service the authors we network with and the readers who stay in-touch with our authors

We aim to dramatically increase the profits of out network partners (Book Authors). To enrich the experience of our readers with all sorts of exclusive offers.

WritersUpdate encompasses many different products, services, and interactive
experiences. Some of our most well-known offerings include:

9/1/2011- Important update: currently we charger $1295.00 to assist authors in promoting their books. However we are under new management MrBayy and staff have a new vision, if you're a publish or inspiring author we will reduce this price to all most nothing. Click here fill out this form for details

P.S. we may be the new kids on the block but don't let that fool you we have all types of surprises coming down the line.